rmf class private members

class rmf{

  Integer m_FirstChannel;                // First channel number 

  vector<Integer> m_NumberGroups;        // Number of response groups for this
                                         //  energy bin 

  vector<vector<Integer> > m_FirstChannelGroup; // First channel in group 
  vector<vector<Integer> > m_NumberChannelsGroup; // Number channels in group 
  vector<vector<Integer> > m_OrderGroup;          // Grating order of group 

  vector<Real> m_LowEnergy;              // Start energy of bin 
  vector<Real> m_HighEnergy;             // End energy of bin 

  vector<vector<Real> > m_Matrix;        // Matrix elements 

  vector<Real> m_ChannelLowEnergy;       // Start energy of channel 
  vector<Real> m_ChannelHighEnergy;      // End energy of channel 

  Real m_AreaScaling;                    // Value of EFFAREA keyword 
  Real m_ResponseThreshold;              // Minimum value in response 

  string m_EnergyUnits;                  // Energy units used
  string m_RMFUnits;                     // Units for RMF values

  string m_ChannelType;                  // Value of CHANTYPE keyword 
  string m_Telescope;                             
  string m_Instrument;
  string m_Detector;
  string m_Filter;
  string m_RMFType;                      // HDUCLAS3 keyword in MATRIX extension 
  string m_RMFExtensionName;             // EXTNAME keyword in MATRIX extension 
  string m_EBDExtensionName;             // EXTNAME keyword in EBOUNDS extension

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