rmft class public methods

  •  void load(rmf&)

    Load object from a standard rmf object.

  •  void update

    Update the FirstGroup and FirstElement arrays from NumberGroups and NumberEnergiesGroup, respectively.

  •  rmft& operator= (const rmft&)

    Deep copy.

  •  Real ElementValue(Integer Channel, Integer EnergyBin) const

    Return the value for a particular channel and energy.

  •  vector<Real> RowValues(Integer Channel) const

    Return the array for a particular channel.

  •  string disp() const

    Display information about the object. - return as a string.

  •  void clear()

    Clear information from the object.

  •  Integer NumberChannels() const
     Integer getNumberChannels() const

    Number of spectrum channels

  •  Integer NumberEnergyBins() const
     Integer getNumberEnergyBins() const

    Number of response energies

  •  Integer NumberTotalGroups() const
     Integer getNumberTotalGroups() const

    Total number of response groups

  •  Integer NumberTotalElements() const
     Integer getNumberTotalElements() const

    Total number of response elements

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