Binning and utility routines

  •  int SPReadBinningFile(char *filename, struct BinFactors *binning)

    Read an ascii file with binning factors and load the binning array.

  •  int SPSetGroupArray(int inputSize, struct BinFactors *binning, 
                       int *groupArray)

    Set up a grouping array using the BinFactors structure.

  •  int SPBinArray(int inputSize, float *input, int *groupArray, int mode, 
                       float *output)

    Bin an array using the information in the grouping array.

  •  void SPsetCCfitsVerbose(int mode)

    Set the CCfits verbose mode.

  •  int SPcopyExtensions(char *infile, char *outfile)

    Copy all HDUs which are not manipulated by this library.

  •  int SPcopyKeywords(char *infile, char *outfile, char *hduname, 
                       int hdunumber)

    Copy all non-critical keywords for the hdunumber instance of the extension hduname.

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