Building programs using heasp

To build a C++ program using the heasp library you need to use the standard heasoft tool i.e. hmake. This requires a Makefile in the following specific format.

HD_COMPONENT_NAME       = heacore


HD_CXXTASK              = myprogram

HD_CXXTASK_SRC_cxx      = myprogram.cxx

HD_CXXFLAGS             = ${HD_STD_CXXFLAGS} -Wno-deprecated

HD_CXXLIBS              = ${HD_LFLAGS} ${HD_STD_CXXLIBS} -l${HEASP} \
                          ${XLIBS} ${SYSLIBS}


include ${HD_STD_MAKEFILE}

Here myprogram.cxx is the file containing the main routine. Any other C++ source files required can be added to the same line. This will build an executable file in the current directory. The default hmake install option is disabled but if the executable is to be placed in a particular place that command can be added to the HD_INSTALL_TASKS line.

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