Ftools and Heasp

The following table lists ftools that operate on spectra or responses and the related HEASP routines. The read and write routines apply in all cases so are not included in the table. In some, relatively simple, cases the ftool equivalent could be performed by directly getting and setting class members.

Ftool corresponding HEASP C++ routines
addarf arf::operator+=, arf::operator+
addrmf rmf::operator+=, rmf::operator+
cmppha phaII::get
cmprmf rmf::compress
dmprmf directly access rmf class members
gcorpha pha::shiftChannels
gcorrmf rmf::shiftChannels
marfrmf rmf::operator*=, rmf::operator*
rbnrmf grouping::load, rmf::rebinChannels, rmf::rebinEnergies
arf2arf1 arfII:get
ascii2pha directly set pha class members
chkarf arf::check, arfII::check
chkpha pha::check, phaII::check
chkrmf rmf::check
flx2xsp directly set pha and rmf class members
flx2tab directly set table class members
grppha grouping::load, pha::setGrouping
grppha2 phaII::get, grouping::load
  pha::setGrouping, phaII::push
mathpha pha::operator+=, pha::operator+, pha::operator*=
mkfiltrsp directly set rmf class members
rbnpha grouping::load, pha::setGrouping, pha::rebinChannels
rsp2rmfarf directly get and set rmf and arf class members
sdss2xsp directly set pha and rmf class members
sprbnarf grouping::load, GroupBin

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