Installing PROFIT

Installing Profit is straightforward, although it helps if you are familiar with unix "tarballs" and the unix directory structure. Mac OSX users should be able to download the binary version which will expand either automatically or after double-clicking.

Step-by-Step Installation

Step 1 Download the most recent binary Profit distribution for your OS, or download the source distribution. If available for your operating system, we recommend the binary distribution as it is quicker and easier to install.
Step 2 (Linux/Solaris/Mac Binary) Untar the distribution in a convenient directory:
unix% cd directory for profit
unix% tar zxf profit-version-ostype.tar.gz
unix% cd profit
Step 2 (Windows Binary) Double-click on the profit-version-windows.exe file.
The installer will automatically run and install Profit
Step 2 (Source) Untar the distribution in a convenient directory:
unix% cd directory for profit
unix% tar zxf profit-version-src.tar.gz
unix% cd profit
Now read the INSTALL directions for more details:
unix% more INSTALL
Installation is complete!

From Linux: Run Profit using this command: unix% bin/profit

From the Mac: First, ensure that X Windows is running; Profit for the Mac requires X Windows. Then, double-click on the profit.command icon. This has the side-effect of running the "Terminal" program, and will fail if X Windows is not running. The Terminal program can be exited after running Profit.

For Windows: Double-click on the profit icon.

Instructions on using Profit are also available. If you have problems installing Profit, please inform the developers using the Feedback form.

If you have any questions concerning Profit, please visit the Feedback form.

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