Release Notes Version 3.01
Part of HEAsoft 5.0.1 - May 22, 2000

* Changes in version 3.01
  • Fixed bug where display/correct_exposure resulted in zero map when using title/lower
  • Fixed bug in skymap query script which failed to locate any sources when RA/Dec columns were not in standard order
  • Fixed bug where consecutive executions of search occasionally gave different results
  • Fixed region overflow problem when using data whose event x/y are in real rather than integer coordinates (e.g. Chandra)
  • Fixed bug in SAX PSF calculation, which caused incorrect detect/search results on Solaris and Linux
  • Updated SAX vignetting calculation
  • Added print out of image coordinates in value command
  • Increased maximum number of viewports accepted by the viewport command from a viewport configuration file

New options
  • label
    • /ra=x/dec=y - Set location of label in sky coordinates

Previous releases
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