RBF2FITS (Jan96)              xanadu.xronos             RBF2FITS (Jan96)

    rbf2fits  -- Converts the "EXOSAT rate buffer" format in FITS.
    rbf2fits infile outfile
    This  task  converts  the  "EXOSAT  rate  buffer" binary format (see
    "XRONOS 3" user guide for description) in FITS format  suitable  for
    XRONOS.   Currently   only   the  rate  buffer  type  0  and  2  are 
    implemented. The  detectors  information  (the  second  rate  buffer
    record)  is translated in FITS header keywords for the ME, GSPC, CMA
    (1 and 2) and TGS (1 and 2) EXOSAT detectors.
    infile (input filename) [string]
        Input filename for the rate buffer.
    outfile (output filename) [string]
        Output filename for the FITS file. If the string  is  blank  the
        default filename is set as the input file with extension ".lc"
    tchat [integer]
        Set the terminal chattiness.
    lchat [integer]
        Set  the  log  file chattiness. A log file is created for values
        higher than 0.
    The rate buffer are binary format files and are platform dependent.
    Report       problems       to        angelini@lheavx.gsfc.nasa.gov,      
    xanprob@athena.gsfc.nasa.gov.  Provide a detailed description of the
    problem (possible a log file).

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