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New issues from Xspec 12.12.0

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Latest update 12.12.0g (Sep 30, 2021)

Requires patch installer v4.14

To apply patches, you'll need to have downloaded and already built the source code distribution of XSPEC. For details about the patch installer including options available with the latest v4.14, click here. Otherwise, follow the instructions below.

Note: This assumes you have already set your HEADAS environment variables with the headas-init script, as you would if you were running XSPEC.

To make sure your XSPEC installation is up to date with ALL listed patches:

  1. If you don't already have the patch installer tcl script (v4.14), download and place it in the XSPEC src directory. This directory should be at heasoft-[ver]/Xspec/src from the source code distribution.
  2. Download the latest patchfile into the same directory. There is no need to unzip/untar the patchfile since the installer will do that.
  3. At the command line, launch the script by typing 'tclsh patch_install_[ver].tcl', and that's all.

The script should detect which patches you've installed previously, copy the new code files to the necessary directories, determine whether complete or only partial rebuilds are necessary, and finally perform the rebuilds. Numbers listed in red indicate that the patch modifies the interface to one or more of XSPEC's libraries. These patches will generally cause longer rebuilds. If you have a local model library, it is recommended (though not always necessary) that you rebuild it with initpackage after applying red patches.

12.12.0a Xspec is unable to run nested scripts if the nested script contains any lines which have whitespaces and nothing but whitespaces. Our thanks to David Buote for pointing this out. Report added on Aug 3, 2021.

This patch modifies Xspec/src/XSUser/UserInterface/ execscript.cxx

12.12.0b The latest version introduced a bug causing an incorrect value of the C statistic for the case of having a background spectrum where the source and background spectra have different values of AREASCAL. This can occur for grating spectra. Our thanks to Shuinai Zhang for reporting this. Report added on Sep 23, 2021.

This patch modifies Xspec/src/XSStat/ Cstat.h

12.12.0c The smaug model causes a crash when applied to loaded spectra. Our thanks to Doug Burke for pointing this out. Report added on Sep 28, 2021.

This patch modifies Xspec/src/XSFunctions/ xsmaug.cxx and sumdem.cxx

12.12.0d A couple of minor fixes to the kerrconv and refsch models, removing possible out-of-bounds access and use of uninitialized array elements. Report added on Sep 28, 2021.

This patch modifies Xspec/src/XSFunctions/ dospin.f and xsrefsch.f

12.12.0e Several modifications to the XSPEC model.dat model definitions file. This includes: A fix to the default setting of the zdust model's 'method' parameter, a change in several parameter names of the (v)(v)wdem and ismabs models to avoid lower vs. upper case confusion, a parameter name change in the zxipab model to avoid Python problems, and a lowering of the upper limits of velocity broadening parameters from what were unphysical values. Report added on Sep 28, 2021.

This patch modifies Xspec/src/manager/ model.dat

12.12.0f When re-loading a chain file containing table model parameters which have an empty units string, XSPEC detects a false mismatch when comparing to the currently loaded model. This causes XSPEC to ignore the chain and instead use fit covariance values for calculations such as those needed by the error command. Our thanks to Yuanze Ding for reporting this. Report added on Sep 30, 2021.

This patch modifies Xspec/src/XSModel/Model/Component/OGIPTable/ OGIPTable.cxx

12.12.0g The setplot area option for viewing plots is wrongly including the AREASCALE factor twice. Report added on Sep 30, 2021.

This patch modifies Xspec/src/XSModel/Data/ SpectralData.cxx

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