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XMM-Newton Guest Observer Facility

This page provides a list of papers based on XMM-Newton observations, arranged by author and by subject. Electronic articles are available by clicking on the online link. Data products, if available, can be downloaded from the XMM-Newton Science Data Archive. Please send questions and omissions to the XMM-Newton GOF Helpdesk. Please note that observation IDs are listed for a given article when they are used directly in the analysis, and when it is not prohibitive to do so (such as if a paper used hundreds of archived datasets.)

All categories below contain only refereed articles. The XMM-Newton bibliography is sorted:

And by subject:

  1. Instrumentation
  2. Background/Surveys
  3. Galaxy Clusters
  4. AGN
  5. Galaxies
  6. GRBs
  7. ISM
  8. Stellar Clusters
  9. SNRs/SNe
  10. Planetary Nebulae
  11. X-Ray Binaries
  12. Cataclysmic Variables
  13. Neutron Stars
  14. Stars
  15. Solar System

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