Connect to VizieR

    Fv supports access to the thousands of on-line astronomical catalogs and data tables in VizieR which are maintained by the CDS in Strasbourg, France. The main VizieR web site is located at:

    Several mirror sites are also available around the world. The VizieR interface in fv allows the user to make simple queries of any table to find sources located within a given search radius of a celestial object or coordinate. The results are returned to fv in the form of a FITS format table, containing one row per object. Note that much more general queries of these tables (e.g., to retrieve all sources brighter than a certain magnitude) can be performed using the query tools at the VizieR web site.

    The latest complete list of catalogs available from VizieR may be viewed with a Web browser at:

    For example, for documentation on the I/197A catalog from the main VizieR web site, go to:

    This same help file is available from the ADC mirror site at:

  • Catalog ID:

      Enter the short name (e.g., I/239) of the catalog to be searched, or select from one of the catalogs listed in the scrolling selection box. About 100 of the most popular catalogs are listed. Refer to the VisieR web site at for the latest complete list of available catalogs.

  • Cone Center:

      Enter the name of the object or the celestial coordinate at the center of the search area. Coordinates may be entered in 'hh mm ss' or decimal degrees format. Examples:

      6 45 10.76, -16 41 57.82

      6 45 10.76, -16 41 57.82

  • Search Radius

      Enter the radius of the cone search, in arc-minutes.

  • Maximum Number of Rows

      Enter the maximum number of rows per HDU to get from VizieR.

  • Submit

      Pressing this button submits the request to be processed by VizieR. This button will be disabled during the HTTP transaction.

  • Cancel

      Pressing this button closes the dialog box. This button will be disabled during the HTTP transaction.

  • Help

      Pressing this button opens the help file.

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