Summary of a FITS file

This window lists information about all the HDUs (Header Data Units) in the opened FITS file. It includes:
  1. Index : Extension number (0 is Primary Image)
  2. Extension: Name of the extension.
  3. Type : Type of the extension.
    • Binary -- Binary table extension.
    • ASCII -- ASCII table extension.
    • Image -- Primary array or Image extension.
  4. Dimension: Size of each extension.
  5. View :
    • Header -- Display/Edit header.
    • Hist -- Displays a histogram image of 1 or 2 columns in a table
    • Image/Plot -- Display image or plot table column values. The default image display device (POW or ds9) may be selected under the Edit->Preferences->Graphs menu item.
    • Table -- Display a table. (If the extension is an image, then numerical values of the image are displayed as a table).

      All - displays all the columns in a table
      Select - allows the user to select which columns to display.

    • By clicking each button, users are allowed to display and edit the FITS file.


Several menu items operate on "selected" HDUs. One selects HDU's by clicking on the checkbutton next to the HDUs' index.
  • File
    • New File...: Create a new FITS file.
    • Open File...: Open another FITS file. See File Selection for details.
    • Save: Save any changes to the original file.
    • Save As...: Save file (with modifications) to a new file.
    • Export HDUs...: Save the selected HDUs into a new file.
    • Make HDU Listing...: Save Extension Name, Type and Dimension in an ASCII file.
    • Revert: Throw away any unsaved modifications and reopen the last-saved version of the file.
    • Close: Close the current Summary window and the opened file. If file has been modified, you will be given the opportunity to save the file before closing.
    • Quit: Quit fv. If any open file has been modified, you will be given the opportunity to save it before exitting.
  • Edit
    • Undo: Not support in summary windows.
    • Cut HDUs: Delete the selected HDUs. The deleted HDUs go to the clipboard.
    • Copy HDUs: Copy the selected HDUs to the clipboard. Only one item (could be a list of HDUs though, as long as multiple HDUs are cut/copied at once from a file) is kept in the clipboard.
    • Paste HDUs: All the HDUs in the clipboard are appended to the current file.
    • Clear: Not supported in summary windows.
    • Clipboard: Show the contents of the clipboard.
    • New Extension: A new empty extension will be appended to the current file. You can select whether to append an image, ascii table, or binary table.
    • Preferences: Bring up a window from which fv's behavior and appearance can be modified. See the Preferences help file for details.
  • Tools
    • Plot : Plot all the selected valid HDUs(images and tables).
    • Smooth Images: Smooth all the selected image HDUs. The two parameters, width and the height of the smoothing box, will be entered by users.
    • SkyView: Retrieve images of sky at all wavelengths (from Radio to Gamma-Ray) from the NASA SkyView server.
    • Catalog: Retrieve a list of objects in a region of sky from selected catalogs at the NASA SkyView server.
    • VizieR: Retrieve a list of objects in a region of sky from selected catalogs at the Strasbourg VizieR web site.
    • Run Ftool: Run a Ftool program if the HEASOFT or FTOOL packages are installed.
    • Help: A listing of all available help files.

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