Image Table display

The table window presents a spreadsheet-like display of the
contents of the given FITS image extension.  Row numbers run along the
left side of the window and column numbers run along the top (below the
menubar).  Single click on a data cell to copy the value to the "Edit
cell" entry at the bottom of the window, where one can immediately edit the
value. Press <Return> in that entry to finalize the changes.

If the FITS image is simultaneously displayed in the POW image viewer, then 
double clicking with the mouse on any pixel in the POW image will cause
the corresponding cell in the table display to be highlighted.


  • File
    • Save: Save current FITS file. If the current extension has not been modified, this menu item is disabled.
    • Export as Text: You will be able to specify which rows and columns to list, as well as any special separater character(s) to be inserted in between the values on each row. You may optionally choose which rows to be listed by highlighting the desired row numbers in the first column of the table.
    • Close: Close the table window.
  • Edit
    • Undo: Not supported in table windows.
    • Cut: Not supported in table windows.
    • Copy: To highlight a rectangular region of a table, first left-click on the table cell in one corner of the rectangle, then right-click on the cell in the opposite corner (Shift-Click on MacOS).
    • Paste: Paste the contents of the clipboard at the location of the current selection/region.
    • Clear: Not supported in table windows.
    • Clipboard: Bring up contents of the clipboards. If the type is listed as "table", its contents can be pasted into the table.
    • Preferences: Bring up the Preferences window.

  • Tools
    • Plot

      Display image data in user's prefered image device (see Preferences).

  • Help

    List of all the available help files.

User entries

Two entry boxes are located at the bottom of the Table window:
  • Go to: Scroll the window to display the row specified in the entry field. Either click the "Go To" button or hit <Return> to move to the indicated row.
  • Edit cell: Highlighting a cell in the table will copy the value to this entry, in which the value can be edited. To set a table element as undefined, one can enter "NULL" as the value (BLANK keyword must be present in the header for integer data types). Press <Return> to copy the new value into the table.

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