POW Graph Movement and Stretching

Any graph in POW can be moved to any position in the main POW window. Just left click and drag either the graph's Title at the top of the graph or the yellow bounding box of the currently selected graph. Clicking anywhere inside a graph's region (the area within the yellow box when selected) will select the graph. You may drag your cursor outside the POW window on your desktop (at least it works with the X window managers we've tried so far).

To change the displayed size of a graph, left click and drag the double headed arrow at the lower right corner of the graph. This preserves the aspect ratio of the plot by default. To independently change the length of the X or Y axis, hold down the 'shift' key while dragging the mouse." You can also set the graph size directly using the Choose Graph Size item from the Edit menu. Note: resizing images to large dimensions can rapidly consume all of the memory on your machine, resulting in lots of swapping and/or crashing. To zoom in on just a portion of an image, see Zooming in on a Region of Interest.

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