Required MDB Keywords

The following keywords must be present for each mission entry in the xselect.mdb file. However these keywords may not be relevant for certain missions. In such cases the value of these keywords should be NONE.

Entry Description Type Sample Values
submkey The keyword read from the file to get the SubMission String GRATING; NONE
instkey The keyword read from the file to get the Instrument String INSTRUME; NONE
dmodekey The keyword read from the file to get the Datamode String DATAMODE; NONE
mkf_def_expr The global expression for filenames of MKF files String ae*mkf*
mkf_rel_dir The global expression for filenames of MKF files String ../hk
time The column in the events extension used for time String TIME
tunits The units for the time column String s
binsize The default time bin size for light curves Numeric 1.157e-5; 16
x The column for sky X-axis String X
y The column for sky Y-axis String Y
detx The column for detector X-axis String DETX
dety The column for detector Y-axis String DETY
rawx The column for raw X-axis String RAWX
rawy The column for raw Y-axis String RAWY
gti The name of the extension (EXTNAME) with GTI table String STDGTI
events The name of the extension (EXTNAME) with event data String EVENTS
timeorder Yes if the events are in time order String yes
timepixr The TIMEPIXR value to use if not in event file String 0.0
instruments A space-delimited list of the instruments String ACIS HRC
spbn The binning factor for spectra Numeric 1
ecol The column for spectral information String PI
ccol The column for CCD number (if required - NONE if not) String CCDID
gcol The column for event grade/pattern String GRADE
polwcol The column for polarization weighting (NONE if not required) String W_MOM
imagecoord The default coordinate system for images String SKY
wmapcoord The default coordinate system for WMAPs String DETECTOR
catnum The extension number for catalog keywords String 1
wtmapb Yes if a WMAP is to be produced String no
wtmapfix Yes if WMAP pixels outside selected region set to -1 String yes
lststr The global expression for event files String ad*s0*[hml].*
ofilt The default MKF filtering for valid files String ONTIME>100 && NEVENTS>0
fbin The default binning for images String 4
hbin The default binning for WMAPs String 8
modes A list of the datamodes String FAINT BRIGHT
rbnval Number of channels to which spectra are binned String 512
rbnmod Compression mode for spectral rebinning String LINEAR
catcol A space-delimited list of keywords used to catalog events file String OBJECT DATAMODE DATE-OBS
dispcol A space-delimited list of keywords used to display the catalog String OBJECT DATAMODE BIT_RATE
extract The ftool used to extract images, spectra, and light curves. Supported options are extractor, saextrct, or seextrct. String extractor; saextrct
grpstr Grouping to be run on the spectrum when saving (NONE if not required). String GROUP 0 1023 & exit

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