laor2: accretion disk with broken-power law emissivity profile, black hole emission line

An emission line from an accreti on disk with a broken power-law emissivity profile around a black hole. Uses Ari Laor's calculation including GR effects (Laor (1991)). Modified from laor model by Andy Fabian.

par1 Line energy in keV
par2 $Index$: power law dependence of emissivity (scales as $R^{-Index}$)
par3 inner radius (units of $GM/c^2$)
par4 outer radius (units of $GM/c^2$)
par5 inclination (degrees)
par6 radius at which emissivity power-law index changes
par7 Emissivity power-law index for radii >par6
norm photons/cm$^2$/s in the line

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