The Spacelab 1 pallet instrument package

cut-away view of the spacelab pallet

Instrument Description
1NS 001 Imaging Spectrometric Observatory
1NS 002 Space Experiments with Particle Accelerators
1NS 003 Atmospheric Emission Photometric Images
1NS 005 Far Ultraviolet Space Telescope
1NS 008 [1NA 008] Active Cavity Radiometer
1ES 013 Grille Spectrometer
1ES 014 Waves in the hydroxyl emissive layer
1ES 017 Investigation of atmospheric Lyman-alpha emissions
1ES 029 Micro-organisms in hard space environment
1ES 027 Advanced biostack experiment
1ES 024 Stack-measurement of heavy cosmic ray isotopes
1ES 019A Low energy electron flux on the Spacelab
1ES 019B DC magnetic field vector measurement
1ES 020 Phenomena Induced by Charged Particle Beams
1ES 023 Spectroscopy in X-ray astronomy
1ES 021 Measurement of the solar constant
1ES 016 Solar spectrum from 170 to 3200 nanometres
1ES 034 Microwave Remote Sensing Experiment

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