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REV2 Processing Began on June 18, 1997

Please check the description of REV2 processing in the ASCA Getting Started Guide for details of the differences in the way ASCA data are processed in REV2 compared to previous revisions. You can also retrieve a postscript or tex file of this guide via anonymous FTP on

One impact on users of the ASCA archive is that in the transition period (which is expected to last several months), there will be a mixture of sequences which have been processed with REV2 and those which haven't. The current scheme is to delete the REV1 data for every sequence which is processed with REV2. This new REV2 data will be stored in physically distinct directories, but in order to ease the transition for the user, ALL the data, whether rev2 or otherwise, can be found under /asca/data/alldata/ (followed by the sequence number). The data are still available under the explicit directory names of /rev1 or /rev2 (depending on the last processing revision applied to it). For example, data which were under /asca/data/rev1/70000000 will now be under /asca/data/alldata/70000000, and after REV2 processing ALSO under /asca/data/rev2/70000000.

To find out the status of processing of your data and check which version has been used, REV1 or REV2, please consult the ASCA Processing Status Information WWW page.

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This file was last modified on Friday, 14-Apr-2006 16:31:56 EDT

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