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We are pleased to announce the release of FTOOLS v4.2. In this message, we summarize:

  1. How to obtain FTOOLS v4.2
  2. Complete list of new/updated ASCA FTOOLS

1. How to obtain FTOOLS v4.2

FTOOLS v4.2 has been released, and can be obtained from the FTOOLS web-page at:

This is where the most up to date FTOOLS information is available, including notices of the FTOOLS releases, online HTML versions of FTOOLS documentation, and the continually updated FAQ. Users should always check here first for answers to questions.

Any problems installing FTOOLS should be reported to:

Feedback form.

Any problems using FTOOLS for ASCA data analysis should be reported to the ftoolshelp address above or to:

Feedback form.

If the problem relates to the scientific contents of the FTOOLS, the latter address is more appropriate.

3. Complete list of new/updated ASCA-related FTOOLS

Now works with previously added response files.
Fixed bug in generating arfs for GIS at 64x64 resolution. Fixed bug that caused a crash if the GIS WMAP region was expanded to the whole detector (256 bins).
Fixed bugs in generating efficiency maps for SIS.
Fixed a bug in writing an output keyword, RDDCOR_V.
  • Fixed detector images so that CTYPE do not imply RA & Dec and comments do not mention degrees.
  • Added support for regions in WCS coordinates (as written by eg SAOtng).
  • Changed the way the WMAP is handled in the case when the region filter is not in detector coordinates - now no longer has the problem that pixels with no events are flagged as outside the selected region.
  • Added Y2K compatibility.
  • Fixed bug that always zeroed out the first channel of the output spectrum.
  • Fixed bug in WMAP when WMAP binning differs from image binning.
  • If a GTI filter file only has one table then assume that it is the correct one whatever the EXTNAME value.
  • Sped up GTI filtering.
  • Fixed bug causing WMAP CDELT to be set incorrectly to the image CDELT.
No longer require an @ in front of the filename of a list of files for the read command.

This file was last modified on Wednesday, 07-Apr-2004 11:04:03 EDT
Curator: Michael Arida (SP Sys);
HEASARC Guest Observer Facility
If you have any questions concerning ASCA, visit our Feedback form.

This file was last modified on Wednesday, 07-Apr-2004 11:04:03 EDT

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