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HEAsoft v5.1 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of HEAsoft v5.1

1. How to obtain HEAsoft v5.1

HEAsoft v5.1 has been released, and can be obtained from:

This is where the most up to date HEAsoft information is available, including notices of the releases, HTML documentation, and the continually updated FAQ. Users should always check here first for answers to questions.

Any problems installing FTOOLS should be reported via the Feedback form (select "FTOOLS" from the menu).

Any problems using FTOOLS for ASCA data analysis should be reported via the Feedback form (select "FTOOLS" or "ASCA" from the menu).

If the problem relates to the scientific contents of the FTOOLS, the latter address is more appropriate. Similarly, some questions on the installation and usage of XANADU software should be addressed to

2. New/updated tools related to ASCA data analysis

New in HEAsoft v5.1

Creates a mosaic of several observations; although adaptable to other missions, this version contains ASCA-specific supports, such as the ability to construct background maps, given the mkf file. Also new is Perl script 'fmosaic2img', which combines the raw image, background map, and exposure map created by fmosaic into a single background-subtracted, exposure-corrected image.

Updated in HEAsoft v5.1

ascalin and sispi
Added support of new CTI correction formula from the SIS team.

Note, however, that this update will not change the actual behavior of these tools at the time of the HEAsoft v5.1 release, as the new calibration file that requires the use of this new formula is not ready for general release. When used with the currently released calibration files, the behavior remains unchanged from HEAsoft v5.0 (and earlier) versions of these tools.

Fixed a minor bug to make it more robust.

Incorporated the new echo correction formula from the SIS team, for conversion to BRIGHT2 mode.

Fixed a bug which prevented this tool from generating the correct response for bright-mode-binned spectrum. This bug, however, did not impact users who rebinned bright mode spectrum into 512 linearly spaced channels.

Also updated the default echo calibration file (see below).

This calibration file in refdata/sisdata has been updated. The change parallels the update of the tool, faint, but for the analysis of BRIGHT mode spectrum. The new version of sisrmg now uses this file by default.

Further information on changes can be found in the general HEAsoft 5.1 release notes.

This file was last modified on Monday, 17-Jun-2002 11:46:27 EDT
Curator: Michael Arida (SP Sys);
HEASARC Guest Observer Facility
If you have any questions concerning ASCA, visit our Feedback form.

This file was last modified on Monday, 17-Jun-2002 11:46:27 EDT

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