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ASCA Guest Observer Facility


Deputy Project Scientist:  Nick White 
Guest Observer Program  
  Coordinator:		   Rob Petre
Processing Manager: 	   Ryszard Pisarski 

Support Scientists:        Keith Arnaud
			   Tahir Yaqoob
			   Ken Ebisawa
	                   Eric Gotthelf
			   Koji Mukai

User Support:		   Mike Arida

Proposal Database:	   Margo Duesterhaus

FTOOLS/XSELECT:		   Larry Brown
		           Srilal Weerasinghe
			   Bruce Oneel

Calibration Database:	   Lorraine Breedon
Processing:		   Ed Pier
			   Rich Fink
			   Ella Pia Munoz 
			   Margaret Russell

Associated Support Personnel from HEASARC:

			   Bill Pence
			   Lorella Angelini
			   Ian George

Newsletter Editor:	   Natalie Anderson

Associated Groups:

			   Penn State University, FRFREAD (FITS reformatter) 
			   MIT, SIS Instrument team 
			   ISAS, Operations, SIS Instrument 
			   University of Tokyo, GIS Instrument 

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