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ASCA Operation Status Report:

July 7, 1994

Dear ASCA users:

In the last several days, we have been bothered by two problems with the ground support equipment for ASCA operation at KSC: one a problem is with the cooling system of the antenna drivers; another problem is the power drop of command transponder.

Last night we failed to rewrite and update onboard memories for attitude control parameters. As a result, it is certain that we can get no exposure for EQ PEG (USJ; Pri-B, Linsky) and only will get a very small amount of exposure for HCG 94 (ESJ;Pri-A, Voges) (assuming that we recover to normal operation during the time of KSC aquisitions of ASCA tonight).

The next window for EQ Peg begins November 27 and that for HCG 94 begins November 23. I will allocate supplemental observations for those two targets in late November.

We are working to repair the degraded equipment and get stable operation as early as possible. Meanwhile, we are forced to operate ASCA under conditions of unstable ground support equipment. Unfortunately, we at ISAS have no dual-line backup system, but a single dish and single operation system at KSC.

Thank you for your patience with this inconvenience.



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