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ASCA Guest Observer Facility

ASCA Science Highlights

compiled by :

K.A. Arnaud (1,2), A. Brown (3), K. Ebisawa (1,4), E.V. Gotthelf (1,4), I. Harrus (6),
M. Henriksen (5), J.P. Hughes (6), C. Jones(7), K. Koyama (8), G.M. Madejski (1,2),
C. Mauche (9), K. Mukai (1,4), F. Nagase (10), R.F. Mushotzky (1), R. Petre (1),
R.L. Pisarski (1), P. Plucinski (6), P. Slane (6), J. Turner (1,4), K. Weaver (11),
N.E. White (1), T. Yaqoob (1,4).

1) NASA/GSFC, 2) University of Maryland, 3) University of Colorado,
4) Universities Space Research Association, 5) University of North Dakota,
6) Rutgers University, 7) Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, 8) Kyoto University,
9) Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, 10) ISAS, 11) Johns Hopkins University

Active Galactic Nuclei

Clusters of Galaxies and Early-Type Galaxies

Supernova Remnants


X-ray Binaries


Gamma-ray bursts


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