HEASARC Bibliography

ASCA "Instrumentation/Mission/Software" papers

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    Publication Date: Apr 2002
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    First Author: Yamashita, A.
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    Publication Date: Jan 1999
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  4. Models for the X-Ray Emission from Seyfert Galaxies: what Future Missions can do
    First Author: Maraschi, L.
    Astrophysical Letters and Communications, Vol. 39, p.61
    Publication Date: Jan 1999
    Bibliographic Code: 1999ApL&C..39...61M
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  5. In-Orbit Performance of the Gas Imaging Spectrometer onboard ASCA
    First Author: Makishima, Kazuo
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    Publication Date: Apr 1996
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  6. The X-ray astronomy satellite ASCA
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