HEASARC Bibliography

DXS Science Papers

  1. Resolving the Origin of the Diffuse Soft X-Ray Background
    First Author: Smith, Randall K.
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    Publication Date: May 2014
    Bibliographic Code: 2014ApJ...787...77S
    Citations: 24

  2. The X-Ray-Emitting Components toward l = 111?: The Local Hot Bubble and Beyond
    First Author: Kuntz, K. D.
    The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 674, Issue 1, pp. 209-219.
    Publication Date: Feb 2008
    Bibliographic Code: 2008ApJ...674..209K
    Citations: 16

  3. Spectra of the 1/4 keV X-Ray Diffuse Background from the Diffuse X-Ray Spectrometer Experiment
    First Author: Sanders, W. T.
    The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 554, Issue 2, pp. 694-709.
    Publication Date: Jun 2001
    Bibliographic Code: 2001ApJ...554..694S
    Citations: 44

  4. The Soft X-ray Background Spectrum from DXS
    First Author: Sanders, W. T.
    Lecture Notes in Physics, vol.506, The Local Bubble and Beyond. Lyman-Spitzer Colloquium, Proceedings of the IAU Colluquium No. 166 held in Garching, Germany, 21-25 April, 1997, XXVII, 603pp. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg New York (ISBN 3-540-64306-0), edited by D. Breitschwerdt, M. J. Freyberg, and J. Truemper, pp. 83-90
    Publication Date: Jan 1998
    Bibliographic Code: 1998LNP...506...83S
    Citations: 8