HEASARC Bibliography

INTEGRAL Preprints submitted for publication

  1. A magnetar giant flare in the nearby starburst galaxy M82
    First Author: Mereghetti, Sandro
    Publication Date: Dec 2023
    Bibliographic Code: 2023arXiv231214645M
    Comment: Submitted
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  2. Hard X-rays and QPO in Swift J1727.8-1613: the rise and plateau of the 2023 outburst
    First Author: Mereminskiy, I.
    Publication Date: Oct 2023
    Bibliographic Code: 2023arXiv231006697M
    Comment: Submitted to MNRAS Letters
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  3. Discovery of a variable energy-dependent X-ray polarization in the accreting neutron star GX 5-1
    First Author: Fabiani, Sergio
    Publication Date: Oct 2023
    Bibliographic Code: 2023arXiv231006788F
    Comment: Astronomy and Astrophysics under review
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  4. A radical transition in the post-main-sequence system U Equulei
    First Author: Kaminski, Tomek
    Publication Date: Aug 2023
    Bibliographic Code: 2023arXiv230810747K
    Comment: Comments welcome!
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  5. Hard X-ray emission from blazars associated with high-energy neutrinos
    First Author: Plavin, A. V.
    Publication Date: Jun 2023
    Bibliographic Code: 2023arXiv230600960P
    Comment: 9 pages, 8 figures, 2 tables; submitted to MNRAS
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  6. Astronomical puzzle Cyg X-3 is a hidden Galactic ultraluminous X-ray source
    First Author: Veledina, Alexandra
    Publication Date: Mar 2023
    Bibliographic Code: 2023arXiv230301174V
    Comment: 52 pages, 18 figures, 4 tables
    ObsIDs in HEASARC

  7. Cosmic Radioactivity and Galactic Chemical Evolution
    First Author: Diehl, Roland
    Publication Date: Mar 2023
    Bibliographic Code: 2023arXiv230301825D
    Comment: 72 pages, 33 figures. Invited contribution for Handbook of Nuclear Physics
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  8. High Energy Emission of V404 Cygni during 2015 outburst with INTEGRAL/SPI: Spectral analysis issues and solutions
    First Author: Roques, J. P.
    Publication Date: Jan 2016
    Bibliographic Code: 2016arXiv160105289R
    Comment: 3 pages + 4 figures
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