HEASARC Bibliography

INTEGRAL Preprints accepted for publication

  1. IGR J17329-2731: The birth of a symbiotic X-ray binary
    First Author: Bozzo, E.
    Publication Date: Mar 2018 Xry2018arXiv180301593B
    Comment: Accepted for publication in A&A; doi:10.1051/0004-6361/201832588
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  2. In-depth study of long-term variability in the X-ray emission of the Be/X-ray binary system AX J0049.4-7323
    First Author: Ducci, L.
    Publication Date: Feb 2018 Xry2018arXiv180208205D
    Comment: Accepted for publication in Astronomy & Astrophysics
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  3. INTEGRAL/SPI $gamma$-ray line spectroscopy
    First Author: Diehl, Roland
    Publication Date: Oct 2017
    Bibliographic Code: 2017arXiv171010139D
    Comment: 30 pages, including 18 figures and an extended table of gamma-ray lines. Accepted for publication in Astronomy and Astrophysics
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