HEASARC Bibliography

NuSTAR Reviews

  1. INTEGRAL view of AGN
    First Author: Malizia, Angela
    Publication Date: Nov 2020
    Bibliographic Code: 2020NewAR..9001545M
    Comment: 31 pages, 16 figures, will be published in New Astronomy Reviews issue 15 years of Integral science
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  2. Hard X-ray cataclysmic variables
    First Author: de Martino, D.
    Advances in Space Research, Volume 66, Issue 5, p. 1209-1225.
    Publication Date: Sep 2020
    Bibliographic Code: 2020AdSpR..66.1209D

    Citations: 0

  3. The Galactic LMXB Population and the Galactic Centre Region
    First Author: Sazonov, S.
    New Astronomy Reviews, Volume 88, article id. 101536.
    Publication Date: Jun 2020
    Bibliographic Code: 2020NewAR..8801536S

    Citations: 0
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  4. From SN2010da to NGC 300 ULX-1: Ten Years of Observations of an Unusual High Mass X-ray Binary in NGC 300
    First Author: Binder, Breanna A.
    Galaxies, vol. 8, issue 1, p. 17
    Publication Date: Feb 2020
    Bibliographic Code: 2020Galax...8...17B
    Citations: 0
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  5. Pulsar-Wind Nebulae and Magnetar Outflows: Observations at Radio, X-Ray, and Gamma-Ray Wavelengths
    First Author: Reynolds, Stephen P.
    Space Science Reviews, Volume 207, Issue 1-4, pp. 175-234
    Publication Date: Jul 2017
    Bibliographic Code: 2017SSRv..207..175R
    Citations: 0

  6. The subarcsecond mid-infrared view of local active galactic nuclei - II. The mid-infrared-X-ray correlation
    First Author: Asmus, D.
    Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Volume 454, Issue 1, p.766-803
    Publication Date: Nov 2015
    Bibliographic Code: 2015MNRAS.454..766A
    Citations: 19

  7. The masses and spins of neutron stars and stellar-mass black holes
    First Author: Miller, M. Coleman
    Physics Reports, Volume 548, p. 1-34.
    Publication Date: Jan 2015
    Bibliographic Code: 2015PhR...548....1M
    Citations: 30