HEASARC Bibliography

ROSAT technical reports

  1. Toward An Understanding of Cluster Evolution: A Deep X-Ray Selected Cluster Catalog from ROSAT
    First Author: Jones, Christine
    Technical Report, Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory Cambridge, MA United States
    Publication Date: Jul. 2002
    ADS bibliographic cade: 2002STIN...0261286J
    Citations: 0

  2. ROSAT Observations of a Complete Nearby Sample of Low Luminosity Radio Galaxies
    First Author: Baum, Stefi
    Technical Report, Space Telescope Science Inst. Baltimore, MD United States
    Publication Date: Jan. 2001
    ADS bibliographic cade: 2001STIN...0223389B
    Citations: 0

  3. Calibration of the ROSAT HRI Spectral Response
    First Author: Prestwich, Andrea H.
    Technical Report, Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory Cambridge, MA United States
    Publication Date: Nov. 2000
    ADS bibliographic cade: 2000STIN...0111063P
    Citations: 0

  4. ROSAT PSPC Observations of CL0016+16
    First Author: Hughes, John P.
    Conference Proceedings, 37th Yamada Conference: Evolution of the Universe and its Observational Quest
    Publication Date: Apr. 1996
    ADS bibliographic cade: 1996STIN...9624943H
    Citations: 0

  5. ROSAT detection of diffuse hot gas in the edge-on galaxy NGC 4631
    First Author: Wang, Q. David
    Publication Date: Jan. 1994
    ADS bibliographic cade: 1994STIN...9517496W
    Citations: 0

  6. ROSAT: X ray survey of compact groups
    First Author: van Gorkom, Jacqueline
    Final Technical Report, period ending 31 Mar. 1993 Columbia Univ., New York, NY. Dept. of Astronomy and Physics.
    Publication Date: Jul. 1993
    ADS bibliographic cade: 1993STIN...9413181V
    Citations: 0

  7. ROSAT observations of clusters with wide-angle tailed radio sources
    First Author: Burns, Jack O.
    Progress Report New Mexico State Univ., Las Cruces. Dept. of Astronomy.
    Publication Date: Apr. 1993
    ADS bibliographic cade: 1993STIN...9414405B
    Citations: 0

  8. Stellar coronae at the end of the main sequence: A ROSAT survey of the late M dwarfs
    First Author: Fleming, T. A.
    Publication Date: Jan. 1993
    ADS bibliographic cade: 1993STIN...9419794F
    Citations: 0

  9. ROSAT and optical observations of two X-ray transients: MX 0836-42 and GS 0834-430
    First Author: Belloni, T.
    Publication Date: Nov. 1992
    ADS bibliographic cade: 1992STIN...9419451B
    Citations: 0

  10. Variability of the Seyfert galaxy MKN 766 in the ROSAT all sky survey
    First Author: Molendi, Silvano
    Publication Date: Oct. 1992
    ADS bibliographic cade: 1992STIN...9417591M
    Citations: 0

  11. ROSAT and IRAS observations
    First Author:
    Presented at ESO/EIPC Workshop on Star Forming Galaxies and Their Interstellar Medium, Elba, France, Jun. 1992
    Publication Date: Sep. 1992
    ADS bibliographic cade: 1992STIN...9419526.
    Citations: 0

  12. ROSAT detection of stellar X ray sources in the old open cluster M67
    First Author: Belloni, T.
    Publication Date: Aug. 1992
    ADS bibliographic cade: 1992STIN...9330578B
    Citations: 0

  13. ROSAT guest investigator program (AO-1). On a search for coronal X ray emissions from white dwarfs
    First Author: Musielak, Z. E.
    Final Technical Report, period ending Jun. 1992 Alabama Univ., Huntsville.
    Publication Date: Mar. 1992
    ADS bibliographic cade: 1992STIN...9413171M
    Citations: 0

  14. Optical searches for ROSAT X ray cluster sources
    First Author: Cruddace, Ray G.
    In MPI f?r Physik und Astrophysik, Traces of the Primordial Structures in the Universe p 205-221 (SEE N92-29833 20-90)
    Publication Date: May 1991
    ADS bibliographic cade: 1991STIN...9229853C
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  15. Roentgen Satellite (ROSAT)
    First Author:
    Technical Report, MOR-E-876-90-03
    Publication Date: Apr. 1990
    ADS bibliographic cade: 1990STIN...0649145.
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