HEASARC Bibliography

Suzaku Preprints submitted for publication in non-refereed journals

  1. X-rays constraints on sub-GeV Dark Matter
    First Author: Koechler, Jordan
    Publication Date: Sep 2023
    Bibliographic Code: 2023arXiv230910043K
    Comment: Contribution to the 34th Rencontres de Blois on Particle Physics and Cosmology (Blois 2023), the XVIII International Conference on Topics in Astroparticle and Underground Physics (TAUP 2023) and TeV Particle Astrophysics (TeVPA) 2023

  2. X-ray observations of the Intermediate Polar TX Col
    First Author: Pandey, Jeewan
    Publication Date: Sep 2023
    Bibliographic Code: 2023arXiv230903674P
    Comment: Proceeding paper of the 3rd Belgo-Indian Network for Astronomy and Astrophysics (BINA) workshop, Accepted for publication in the Bulletin of Li\`{e}ge Royal Society of Sciences

  3. IACHEC 2020/2021 Pandemic Report
    First Author: Madsen, K. K.
    Publication Date: Nov 2021
    Bibliographic Code: 2021arXiv211101613M
    Comment: Yearly activity report of the IACHEC, 16 pages, 2 figures

  4. Testing general relativity with supermassive black holes using X-ray reflection spectroscopy
    First Author: Abdikamalov, Askar B.
    Publication Date: May 2019
    Bibliographic Code: 2019arXiv190508012A
    Comment: 22 pages, 12 figures. Review article prepared for a Special Issue of Universe and based on some talks given at the meeting "Recent Progress in Relativistic Astrophysics" (6-8 May 2019, Shanghai, China)

  5. The X-ray Lightcurve of the Supermassive star eta Carinae, 1996--2014
    First Author: Corcoran, M. F.
    Publication Date: Jul 2015
    Bibliographic Code: 2015arXiv150707961C
    Comment: International Workshop on Wolf-Rayet Stars, Potsdam, Germany, 1 - 5 June 2015

  6. Suzaku and Fermi Observations of Gamma-Ray Bright Radio Galaxies: Origin of the X-ray Emission and Broad-Band Modeling
    First Author: Fukazawa, Y
    Publication Date: Apr 2015
    Bibliographic Code: 2015arXiv150401908F
    Comment: 2014 Fermi Symposium proceedings - eConf C14102.1

  7. Study of the X-ray emission mechanism of radio-loud narrow-line Seyfert 1 galaxy
    First Author: Shirakawa, H.
    Publication Date: Mar 2015
    Bibliographic Code: 2015arXiv150303203S
    Comment: 2014 Fermi Symposium proceedings - eConf C14102.1

  8. Suzaku X-Ray Monitoring of Gamma-Ray-Emitting Radio Galaxy, NGC 1275
    First Author: Edahiro, Ikumi
    Publication Date: Mar 2015
    Bibliographic Code: 2015arXiv150302890E

  9. Looking into the Theory of Pulsar Accretion: Cen X-3 and XTE J1946+274
    First Author: Marcu, Diana M.
    Publication Date: Feb 2015
    Bibliographic Code: 2015arXiv150203437M
    Comment: 9 pages, 6 figures, 2014 INTEGRAL Workshop Proceedings.

  10. Multiwavelength observation from radio through very-high-energy Gamma-ray of OJ 287 during the 12-year cycle flare in 2007
    First Author: Hayashida, M.
    Publication Date: Jul 2009
    Bibliographic Code: 2009arXiv0907.1343H
    Comment: Contribution to the 31st ICRC, Lodz, Poland, July 2009

  11. Multi-wavelength Observations of Markarian 501
    First Author: Gall, Daniel
    Publication Date: Jul 2009
    Bibliographic Code: 2009arXiv0912.4728G
    Comment: 4 pages, 3 figures, 2009 Fermi Symposium, eConf Proceedings C091122