HEASARC Bibliography

Suzaku Preprints accepted for publication

  1. Suzaku and NuSTAR X-Ray Spectroscopy of gamma Cas and HD110432
    First Author: Tsujimoto, Masahiro
    Publication Date: Aug 2018
    Bibliographic Code: 2018arXiv180901419T
    Comment: 13 pages, 10 figures, PASJ in press
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  2. X-ray study of the double radio relic Abell 3376 with Suzaku
    First Author: Urdampilleta, I.
    Publication Date: Apr 2018
    Bibliographic Code: 2018arXiv180607817U
    Comment: Accepted for publication in A&A, 15 pages, 19 figures, 11 tables
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  3. Multiwavelength and parsec-scale properties of extragalactic jets
    First Author: Muller, Cornelia
    Publication Date: Jul 2016
    Bibliographic Code: 2016arXiv160706669C
    Comment: Doctoral Thesis Award Lecture 2015, AN 2016, 337, 7; doi:10.1002/asna.201612361
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  4. GK Per 2015 dwarf nova covered by Suzaku
    First Author: Yuasa, Takayuki
    Publication Date: Mar 2016
    Bibliographic Code: 2016arXiv160307892Y
    Comment: 11 pages, 10 figures, accepted for publication in MNRAS
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