CALDB Personnel

Current CALDB personnel and their prime responsibilities are as follows:

CALDB Leader Emeritus

Team History

  • 1999 Jun: Lorraine Breedon and Jeff Guerber leave the CALDB. They'll be missed!
  • 1998 Jan: Jeff Guerber assumes Lorraine's responsibilities for CALDB software development and oversight.
  • 1997 Jan: Mike Corcoran replaced Ian George (who has moved from the CALDB project to greener pastures, though not the same pastures as Ron Zellar).
  • 1995 Oct 01: Lorraine Breedon joins the CALDB.
  • 1995 Jun 16: Please Note that Ron Zellar left Team CALDB for greener pastures today.
    • For reference, Ron's responsibilities included
      • CALDB Maintenance Software (incl at Remote Sites)
      • Calibration File Deliveries
      • CALDB Access Software
      • CALTOOLS/CALLIB software

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