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CHANDRA TEL Calibration Files: caldbN0016

The CALDB Index File lists the contents of each CalDB file.

Instrument DETNAM FILTER File Quality Last Updated CODE Description
TEL NONE INDEF telD1999-07-23aimptsN0002.fits 0 2005-02-01 AIMPTS Detector aimpoint positions
TEL NONE INDEF telD1999-07-23geomN0005.fits 0 2005-01-31 GEOM Detector geometry
TEL NONE INDEF telD1999-07-23sgeomN0001.fits 0 2004-12-08 SGEOM Mirror shell geometry
TEL NONE INDEF telD1999-07-23otolsN0002.fits 0 2004-12-08 OBI_TOL Observation interval tolerances
TEL NONE INDEF telD1999-07-23otols_secN0002.fits 0 2004-12-08 OBI_TOL Observation interval tolerances
TEL NONE INDEF telD1999-07-23skyN0001.fits 0 2004-12-08 SKY Focal plane sky coordinate system
TEL NONE INDEF telD1999-07-23tdetN0001.fits 0 2004-12-08 TDET Tile detector coordinate system
TEL GRATING INDEF hetgD1996-11-01greffpr001N0006.fits 0 2009-01-27 GREFF HETG (HEG) efficiency vs order, shell 6
TEL GRATING INDEF letgD1996-11-01greffpr001N0005.fits 0 2004-12-08 GREFF LETG efficiency vs order, shell 6
TEL HRMA INDEF hrmaD1996-12-20axeffaN0008.fits 0 2009-01-27 AXEFFA Telescope on-axis effective area
TEL HRMA INDEF hrmaD1996-12-20vignetN0003.fits 0 2004-12-08 VIGNET Telescope effective area vignetting map
TEL HRMA INDEF hrmaD1996-12-20reefN0001.fits 0 2007-10-09 REEF HRMA Encircled Energy
TEL HRMA INDEF hrmaD1996-11-01wpsfN0001.fits 0 2004-12-08 WPSF Radial point spread function widths

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