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HITOMI HXI Calibration Files: 20160606

The CALDB Index File lists the contents of each CalDB file.

Instrument DETNAM FILTER File Quality Last Updated CODE Description
CAMS NONE INDEF ah_cms_offset_20140101v001.fits 0 2016-02-18 TIME_OFFSET CAMS TIMING OFFSETS
CAMS2 NONE INDEF ah_cms_tempxy_20140101v001.fits 0 2016-02-18 TEMP_CORRECTION CAMS TEMP CORRECTION
HXI1 CAMERA INDEF ah_hx1_enecut_20140101v001.fits 0 2016-02-18 ECUT_UPPER HXI1 Energy Cut Condition
HXI1 CAMERA INDEF ah_hx1_gain_20140101v002.fits 0 2016-06-03 GAIN HXI1 Gain Coefficients
HXI2 CAMERA INDEF ah_hx2_enecut_20140101v001.fits 0 2016-02-18 ECUT_UPPER HXI2 Energy Cut Condition
HXI2 CAMERA INDEF ah_hx2_gain_20140101v002.fits 0 2016-06-03 GAIN HXI2 Gain Coefficients
HXI CAMERA INDEF ah_hxi_line_20140101v001.fits 0 2016-02-18 LINE_ENERGY HXI FLOURESCENCE LINE ENERGY
HXI1 CAMERA INDEF ah_hx1_badpix_20140101v001.fits 0 2016-02-18 BADPIX HXI1 Active Pixel and Threshold
HXI1 NONE INDEF ah_hx1_instmap_20140101v002.fits 0 2016-04-21 INSTMAP_RAW Instrument map file
HXI2 CAMERA INDEF ah_hx2_badpix_20140101v001.fits 0 2016-02-18 BADPIX HXI2 Active Pixel and Threshold
HXI2 NONE INDEF ah_hx2_instmap_20140101v002.fits 0 2016-04-21 INSTMAP_RAW Instrument map file
HXI CAMERA INDEF ah_hxi_remap_20140101v001.fits 0 2016-02-18 REMAPPING HXI Channel Remapping Table
HXI1 NONE INDEF ah_hx1_mirror_20140101v001.fits 0 2016-02-18 AZIMUTHALSTRUCT HXI1 Mirror Thermal Shield and Central Cover
HXI1 HXT INDEF ah_hx1_reftrans_20140101v001.fits 0 2016-02-18 COLLIMATOR-REFLECT HXI1 Collimator Reflectivity
HXI1 HXT INDEF ah_hx1_scatter_20140101v001.fits 0 2016-02-18 SEGMENT3-SCATTERING HXI1 Telescope Scattering
HXI1 HXT INDEF ah_hx1_telarea_20140101v001.fits 0 2016-02-18 EFFAREACRS HXT1 COARSE XRT AREA
HXI2 NONE INDEF ah_hx2_mirror_20140101v001.fits 0 2016-02-18 AZIMUTHALSTRUCT HXI2 Mirror Thermal Shield and Central Cover
HXI2 HXT INDEF ah_hx2_reftrans_20140101v001.fits 0 2016-02-18 COLLIMATOR-REFLECT HXI2 Collimator Reflectivity
HXI2 HXT INDEF ah_hx2_scatter_20140101v001.fits 0 2016-02-18 SEGMENT3-SCATTERING HXI2 Telescope Scattering
HXI2 HXT INDEF ah_hx2_telarea_20140101v001.fits 0 2016-02-18 EFFAREACRS HXT2 COARSE XRT AREA
HXI1 CAMERA INDEF ah_hx1_lsf_20140101v001.fits 0 2016-02-18 EBOUNDS EBOUNDS
HXI1 CAMERA INDEF ah_hx1_quanteff_20140101v001.fits 0 2016-02-18 ENERGY ENERGY
HXI2 CAMERA INDEF ah_hx2_lsf_20140101v001.fits 0 2016-02-18 EBOUNDS EBOUNDS
HXI2 CAMERA INDEF ah_hx2_quanteff_20140101v001.fits 0 2016-02-18 ENERGY ENERGY
CAMS1 NONE INDEF ah_cm1_teldef_20140101v002.fits 0 2016-04-21 TELDEF TELESCOPE DEFINITION FILE
CAMS2 NONE INDEF ah_cm2_teldef_20140101v002.fits 0 2016-04-21 TELDEF TELESCOPE DEFINITION FILE
HXI1 NONE INDEF ah_hx1_teldef_20140101v002.fits 0 2016-04-21 TELDEF TELESCOPE DEFINITION FILE
HXI2 NONE INDEF ah_hx2_teldef_20140101v002.fits 0 2016-04-21 TELDEF TELESCOPE DEFINITION FILE

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