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HITOMI SXI Calibration Files: 20160510

The CALDB Index File lists the contents of each CalDB file.

Instrument DETNAM FILTER File Quality Last Updated CODE Description
SXI NONE INDEF ah_sxi_chtrail_20140101v001.fits 0 2016-02-18 CHARGE_TRAIL Charge Trail Correction
SXI NONE INDEF ah_sxi_cti_20140101v001.fits 0 2016-02-18 ANOMALY_REGION CTI Anomaly Regions
SXI NONE INDEF ah_sxi_gain_20140101v001.fits 0 2016-02-18 GAIN PHA to PI Conversion
SXI NONE INDEF ah_sxi_pattern_20140101v001.fits 0 2016-02-18 HIT_PATTERN Grade Hit Pattern
SXI NONE INDEF ah_sxi_spth_20140101v001.fits 0 2016-02-18 SPLIT_TH Split Threshold Optimization Parameters
SXI NONE INDEF ah_sxi_vtevnodd_20140101v001.fits 0 2016-02-18 VT_EVEN_ODD Video Board Temperature Gain Correction
SXI NONE INDEF ah_sxi_badpix_20140101v001.fits 0 2016-02-18 BADPIX SXI Bad Pixel List
SXI NONE INDEF ah_sxi_config_20140101v002.fits 0 2016-04-21 DATACLASS SXI Data Class Configuration
SXI NONE INDEF ah_sxi_instmap_20140101v003.fits 0 2016-05-10 INSTMAP_DET Instrument map file
SXI NONE INDEF ah_sxi_mask_20140101v001.fits 0 2016-02-18 MASK SXI Masked Pixels
SXI SXT INDEF ah_sxi_mirror_20140101v001.fits 0 2016-02-18 AZIMUTHALSTRUCT SXI Mirror Thermal Shield & Central Cover
SXI SXT INDEF ah_sxi_reftrans_20140101v001.fits 0 2016-02-18 COLLIMATOR-REFLECT SXS Collimator Reflectivity
SXI SXT INDEF ah_sxi_scatter_20140101v001.fits 0 2016-02-18 SEGMENT4-SCATTERING SXI Telescope Scattering
SXI PIXEL INDEF ah_sxi_telarea_20140101v001.fits 0 2016-02-25 EFFAREACRS SXI COARSE XRT AREA
SXI NONE INDEF ah_sxi_contami_20140101v001.fits 0 2016-02-18 SUBREGION Subregion Definition
SXI NONE INDEF ah_sxi_quanteff_20140101v001.fits 0 2016-02-18 CBF CBF Transmission
SXI NONE INDEF ah_sxi_rmfparam_20140101v001.fits 0 2016-02-18 RMF_PARAMETERS RMF Parameters
SXI NONE INDEF ah_sxi_teldef_20140101v003.fits 0 2016-05-10 MULTISEG0_COEFF TELESCOPE DEFINITION FILE

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