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HITOMI SXS Calibration Files: 20160310

The CALDB Index File lists the contents of each CalDB file.

Instrument DETNAM FILTER File Quality Last Updated CODE Description
SXS ANTICO INDEF ah_sxs_gainant_20140101v001.fits 0 2016-02-18 GAINANT SXS Antico Gain Polynomial Coefficients
SXS PIXEL INDEF ah_sxs_gainpix_20140101v001.fits 0 2016-02-18 GAINPIX SXS Pixel Gain Polynomial Coefficients
SXS NONE INDEF ah_sxs_secpulse_20140101v001.fits 0 2016-02-18 SECPULSE SXS Secondary Pulse
SXS PIXEL INDEF ah_sxs_badpix_20140101v001.fits 0 2016-02-18 BADPIX SXS Bad Pixel File
SXS NONE INDEF ah_sxs_instmap_20140101v001.fits 0 2016-02-18 INSTMAP_DET Instrument map file
SXS PIXEL INDEF ah_sxs_pixmap_20140101v001.fits 0 2016-02-18 PIXMAP SXS Pixel Definition Table
SXS SXT INDEF ah_sxs_mirror_20140101v001.fits 0 2016-02-18 AZIMUTHALSTRUCT SXS Mirror Thermal Shield & Central Cover
SXS SXT INDEF ah_sxs_reftrans_20140101v001.fits 0 2016-02-18 COLLIMATOR-REFLECT SXS Collimator Reflectivity
SXS SXT INDEF ah_sxs_scatter_20140101v001.fits 0 2016-02-18 SEGMENT4-SCATTERING SXS Telescope Scattering
SXS PIXEL INDEF ah_sxs_telarea_20140101v001.fits 0 2016-02-23 EFFAREACRS SXS COARSE XRT AREA
SXS PIXEL INDEF ah_sxs_blckfilt_20140101v001.fits 0 2016-02-23 TRANSBLOCKING SXS Blocking Filter Transmission
SXS NONE INDEF ah_sxs_contami_20140101v001.fits 0 2016-02-18 SUBREGION Subregion Definition
SXS PIXEL INDEF ah_sxs_fwbe_20140101v001.fits 0 2016-02-18 PIXELRATIOMAP SXS BE Filter File
SXS PIXEL INDEF ah_sxs_fwfe55_20140101v001.fits 0 2016-02-18 PIXELRATIOMAP Fe 55 Filter File
SXS PIXEL INDEF ah_sxs_fwnd_20140101v001.fits 0 2016-02-18 PIXELRATIOMAP SXS ND25 Filter File
SXS PIXEL INDEF ah_sxs_fwpoly_20140101v001.fits 0 2016-02-18 PIXELRATIOMAP SXS Filter File
SXS PIXEL INDEF ah_sxs_gatevalv_20140101v001.fits 0 2016-02-18 PIXELRATIOMAP SXS Gate Valve Calibration File
SXS PIXEL INDEF ah_sxs_quanteff_20140101v001.fits 0 2016-02-18 QE SXS Quantum Efficiency
SXS PIXEL INDEF ah_sxs_rmfparam_20140101v001.fits 0 2016-02-18 RMFPARAM2 SXS RMF Parameters
SXS NONE INDEF ah_sxs_teldef_20140101v001.fits 0 2016-02-18 PIXEL_MAP TELESCOPE DEFINITION FILE
SXS PIXEL INDEF ah_sxs_coeftime_20140101v001.fits 0 2016-02-18 ARRCOEFFSSEC SXS Time Coefficient File in Seconds

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