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SUZAKU HXD Calibration Files: 20070302

The CALDB Index File lists the contents of each CalDB file.

Instrument DETNAM FILTER File Quality Last Updated CODE Description
HXD WELL_GSO NONE bcf/ae_hxd_gsoart_20051126.fits 0 2006-04-10 ART_ENERGIES Definition of the ARF table of the energy channel
HXD WELL_GSO NONE bcf/ae_hxd_gsoghf_20070224.fits 0 2007-03-06 GAIN_HISTORY Fit Results of the line from 153Gd on 152 keV.
HXD WELL_GSO NONE bcf/ae_hxd_gsolin_20051209.fits 0 2006-07-21 ADCINL GSO integrated non-linearity correction table (for hxdpi)
HXD WELL_GSO NONE bcf/ae_hxd_gsopsd_20060620.fits 0 2006-07-21 PSDSEL PSD selection criteria in hxdgrade
HXD WELL_PIN NONE bcf/ae_hxd_pinart_20051126.fits 0 2006-04-10 ART_ENERGIES Definition table of the Energy channel
HXD WELL_PIN NONE bcf/ae_hxd_pinghf_20051125.fits 0 2006-04-10 GAIN_HISTORY PIN gain history table
HXD WELL_PIN NONE bcf/ae_hxd_pinlin_20060724.fits 0 2006-08-02 GAIN Gain factor for each PIN diode.
HXD WELL_PIN NONE bcf/ae_hxd_pinthr_20060727.fits 0 2006-08-02 PINTHRES PIN lower threshold table (for hxdgrade)
HXD NONE NONE bcf/ae_hxd_teldef_20060810.fits 0 2006-11-01 HXD ALIGNMENT HXD alignment table
HXD WAM_ANTI NONE bcf/ae_hxd_wampht_20061027.fits 0 2006-11-01 TRNPHTBL REBIN Settings for WAM PHA spectrum
HXD WELL_GSO NONE cpf/ae_hxd_gsohxnom_20060321.rsp 0 2006-07-21 EBOUNDS GSO energy response matrix at HXD nominal (EBOUNDS)
HXD WELL_GSO NONE cpf/ae_hxd_gsoxinom_20060321.rsp 0 2006-07-21 EBOUNDS GSO energy response matrix at XIS nominal (EBOUNDS)
HXD WELL_PIN NONE cpf/ae_hxd_pinflat_20060809.rsp 0 2007-03-06 EBOUNDS EBOUNDS
HXD WELL_PIN NONE cpf/ae_hxd_pinhxnom_20060814.rsp 0 2006-08-29 EBOUNDS PIN energy response matrix at HXD nominal (EBOUNDS)
HXD WELL_PIN NONE cpf/ae_hxd_pinxinom_20060814.rsp 0 2006-08-29 EBOUNDS PIN energy response matrix at XIS nominal (EBOUNDS)

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