NICER Calibration Data Releases

The history of NICER CALDB releases is listed below. The CALDB release date corresponds to the date when the calibration files included in the release were made public. The description column contains the CALDB version date when the CALDB index for the XTI instruments was generated. The CALDB date links to the CALDB index. The description column also notes when the Calibration data were simultaneously released with the software. The Release note column report directly what was changed and/or link to an appropriate realese notes document.

CALDB release date Description Release note
20180305 CALDB version XTI(20180226)
Compatiible with NICER software NICERDAS V3
CALDB file update for : gain, saa, and time bias
20170818 CALDB index XTI(20170814) First Release