The NICER Users Group

The NICER Users Group (NUG) is a group of 8-10 astrophysicists representing a wide range of community interests who provide the NICER project with broad-based input about the needs and priorities of the NICER user community during NICER's extended operational mission phase. The NUG serves as the primary interface between the NICER science community and the NICER project. The NUG assists the NICER Principal Investigator in preparation for NASA Senior Reviews. The NUG nominally meets twice a year. NUG meetings are a forum for the NICER Guest Observer (GO) community to provide feedback to ensure the interests of the community are served by the NICER project. Key areas that the NUG examines are:
  • NICER data accessibility and analysis software
  • data rights and policy issues
  • planning for NRAs for selection and execution of the GO program
  • balance of resources for the GO program
  • broad dissemination of NICER science results through workshops and conferences.
If you have a matter you would like raised at a NUG meeting, please email nicer-users-group at

Useful Links

  • The NUG Charter
  • User Group Members
  • Meetings
    • 2021
      • 8-Apr - Kickoff Meeting (pdf)
      • Report from the NUG (pdf)
      • Response from the mission (pdf)
      • Report from the 10-Dec meeting (pdf)
    • 2022
      • The next meeting is on 20 June.