NICER Mission Timeline

Current Activity

  • Please see Upcoming and recent past pointings for
    up-to-date NICER observation scheduling.

  • The phase 1 proposal deadline for Cycle 2 of
    NICER's Guest Observer program is:
    4:30 pm ET on Wednesday, November 13, 2019.

NICER Activities

Early Post-Launch NICER activities

  • July 13 Begin Science Program
  • June 21-July 12 Initial calibration and hardware commissioning
  • June 17 NICER uses Raster scan of Serpens X-1 to determine X-ray instrument and star tracker alignment
  • June 14 NICER is powered up, NICER is deployed, NICER range of motion is verified by robotic camera
  • June 12-13 NICER is installed on the ISS ELC2
  • June 11 2017 NICER is extracted from the Dragon trunk

Latest News

  • NICER and NuSTAR observations of the Blazar BL Lac (15 Oct 2020)
    NICER and NuSTAR obtained director's discretionary observations of the blazar BL Lac after its historical optical-to-gamma ray maximum. The NICER & NuSTAR spectrum can be fit with a broken power law, and these observations confirm the active state of the source.
  • NICER detects pulsations from a new outburst of the accreting millisecond X-ray pulsar IGR J17379-3747 (01 Oct 2020)
    New NICER observations of the re-activated accreting pulsar IGR J17379-3747 recovered the 468 Hz spin period of the pulsar and made a new measurement of the change in the orbital period.
  • X-ray flaring of the nuclear transient AT2019avd (23 Sep 2020)
    Swift and NICER observations of the galactic nuclear transient discovered by the Zwicky Transient Facility shows that the source X-ray brightness increased 1000-fold over the last 5 years and show unusual X-ray properties.
  • X-ray Brightening of AT2019wey (10 Aug 2020)
    NICER and Swift have obtained X-ray observations of AT2019wey, a new transient discovered by Spektr-RG. Both NICER and Swift show continued increasing emission through August 9 from this putative accreting binary.
  • NICER XTI CALDB Updated (27 Jul 2020)
    The NICER XTI caldb has been updated to version 20200722. This version updates the detector gain, response and effective area of the XTI.

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