The Neutron star Interior Composition ExploreR Mission

Current Activity:

Current time (UT): 2019-04-06 13:48:06
NICER most recent pointing: KIC_9650712 From: 2019-04-06T13:46:46 until: 2019-04-06T13:56:19
Next pointing: PSR_J1012+5307 At: 2019-04-06T13:57:38 until: 2019-04-06T14:13:29

NICER Coordination

NICER Coordinated Observations

Science Targets
Facility Band Target(s) Simultaneous?
ASTROSATHard X-ray4U 1636, 4U 1820Y
Parkes (Australia) Radio PSR B1821-24Y
Jodrell Bank (UK)RadioPSR B1937+21Y
Nançay (France)RadioPSRs B1821-24, B1937+21Y
JAXA/Usuda (Japan)RadioCrab pulsarY
NAOJ/Ibaraki (Japan)RadioCrab PulsarY
NuSTARHard X-ray MAXI J1535, Swift J0243, 4U 0142, Cyg X-1, & other TOOsY
Gran Telescopio Canarias (Canary Islands)Optical/IRGRS 1915+105Y
MAXIX-rayMAXI J1535, GT Mus, othersN
South African Large TelescopeOptical/IRGX 339-4Y
Infrared Survey Facility (South Africa)Optical/IRMAXI J1535Y
Fermi GBMGamma-raySwift J0243 & 4U 0142+61, TOO triggerN
Very Large ArrayRadioTT ArietisY
SwiftX-rayTT ArietisY
Boyden Observatory (South Africa)OpticalTT ArietisN
Asiago Observatory (Italy)Optical/IRTT ArietisPartial
Palomar Observatory (US)Optical/IRTT ArietisPartial
Lowell Observatory (US)Optical/IRCTA 102N
Chuo University Observatory (Japan)Optical/IRSigma GemY
Las Campanas Observatory 1 & 2.5 m (Chile)Optical/IRPSR J1311-3430Y
ESO/La Silla Observatory 2.2 m (Chile) Optical/IR PSR J1311-3430Y
ESO/La Silla 3.6mOptical/IRPSRs B0833-45, B0540-69Y
Mt. Pleasant Tasmania (Australia)RadioVela PulsarY
Tomo-e optical observatory, Tokyo University, TokyoOpticalMAXI J 1820+070Y
Rosemary Hill Observatory, University of Florida, Gainesville, FLOpticalMAXI J 1820+070Y
6m BTA telescope at the Special Astrophysical Observatory (SAO), RussiaOpticalMAXI J 1820+070Y
NuSTARHard X-rayMAXI J 1820+070Y
INTEGRALGamma-rayMAXI J 1820+070Y
HSTOpticalMAXI J 1820+070Partial
Calibration Targets
SwiftX-ray3C 273, Crab Y
NuSTARHard X-ray3C 273, Crab Y
INTEGRALHard X-ray3C 273, Crab Y
ChandraX-ray3C 273Y
XMM-Newton X-ray 3C 273 Y