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  • News Feature: SpaceX Dragon to Deliver Research - including NICER - to the Space Station (22 May 2017)
    SpaceX is scheduled to launch its Dragon spacecraft for its 11th commercial resupply mission to the International Space Station on June 1 from Kennedy Space Center's historic pad 39A. Dragon will lift into orbit atop the Falcon 9 rocket carrying crew supplies, equipment and scientific research, including the NICER payload, to crew members living aboard the station. Once affixed to the exterior of the space station, NICER will study the physics of neutron stars, providing new insight into their nature and behavior.
  • NICER launch date update: June 1, 2017 (02 May 2017)
    NICER is currently scheduled for launch to the ISS on SpaceX-11, which is now scheduled for launch on June 1 at 5:55 pm eastern time from the Kennedy Space Center.
  • NICER expected launch date: May 14, 2017 (21 March 2017)
    NICER is currently scheduled for launch to the ISS on May 14, 2017 from the Kennedy Space Center.
  • NICER, the New NASA Mission Studying Neutron Stars, Is On Track for Launch (09 Jun 2016)
    On June 8th, NICER arrived at Kennedy Space Center. The launch for NICER onboard a SpaceX Dragon cargo spacecraft is currently set for February 2017. NICER will deploy as an external attached payload on the ISS ExPRESS Logistics Carrier 2.
  • NICER Passes Pre-Ship Review (25 May 2016)
    NICER has cleared another major milestone review, and the flight payload yesterday passed its Pre-Ship Review at Goddard, and will depart for Kennedy Space Center on June 7. The launch date for NICER is currently scheduled for February 1, 2017.
  • Keith Gendreau, the NICER PI, will be in a Google Hangout on March 18, 3pm EDT (16 Mar 2016)
    The AAS's "Future in Space Hangout" on March 18 at 3pm EDT will feature the CATS (Cloud-Aerosol Transport System) and NICER (Neutron star Interior Composition Explorer) payloads on the ISS, with Keith Gendreau the NICER PI participating. The hangout will address questions such as how missions are selected to run on the ISS and what the technical challenges are building instruments for operation onboard the ISS.
  • NICER Passes Pre-Environmental Review (14 Dec 2015)
    NICER has cleared another major milestone review, and the nearly-complete flight payload is poised to begin environmental (electromagnetic, vibration, thermal, etc.) testing. Delivery to NASA's Kennedy Space Center is anticipated in June 2016 for the planned August launch.
  • NICER Manifested on SpaceX-11 ISS Resupply Flight (01 Dec 2015)
    Previously scheduled for a December 2016 launch on SpaceX-12, NICER will now fly to the International Space Station with two other payloads on SpaceX Commercial Resupply Services (CRS)-11, in the Dragon vehicle's unpressurized Trunk. Launch is planned for no earlier than 15 August 2016, from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.
  • NICER Blanketeer Featured on CBSnews (06 Jul 2015)
    Paula Cain, who makes the blanket which will protect NICER, was featured on
  • NICER Project Systems Engineer Featured on (06 Jul 2015)
    Charles Baker, the Project Systems Engineer for NICER, was interviewed on
  • NICER Passes Critical Design Review (19 Sep 2014)
    NICER unanimously passed its CDR "with flying colors".
  • NICER at the HEAD Meeting (17 Aug 2014)
    The NICER Special Session at the 2014 meeting of the High Energy Astrophysics Division (HEAD) of the American Astronomical Society will be held on Wednesday, August 20, at 1:30 pm in the Great Lakes Grand Ballroom of the Westin Michigan Avenue hotel in Chicago. Please join us!
  • NICER Critical Design Review (16 Aug 2014)
    NICER's next step towards launch, the Critical Design Review, is planned for September 2014. NICER remains on-track for launch on the SpaceX-12 ISS resupply flight currently scheduled for October 2016.
  • Upcoming NICER Presentations Announced (03 Apr 2014)
    There will be an overview presentation on the NICER mission design at the SPIE "Space Telescopes and Instrumentation 2014: Ultraviolet to Gamma Ray" conference in Montreal in June, 2014, and NICER science will be the subject of a Special Session at the High-Energy Astrophysics Division (HEAD) meeting in Chicago in August, 2014.
  • Forward to Phase C (31 Mar 2014)
    NICER's engineers and scientists have successfully passed several major project milestones, including a Preliminary Design Review by an independent team of experts, an initial Payload Safety Review by an International Space Station (ISS) panel, and a Confirmation Review at NASA HQ. NICER is now in Phase C
  • NICER and the Upcoming Zombie Star Apocalypse (05 Apr 2013)
    NASA Taps the Power of Zombie Stars in a Two-in-One Instrument called NICER.
  • NASA Selects NICER for Development (05 Apr 2013)
    NASA's Astrophysics Explorer Program has selected two missions for launch in 2017: a planet-hunting satellite and an International Space Station instrument to observe X-rays from neutron stars, NICER.
  • NICER helping to Educate the Next Generation of Scientists (24 Oct 2011)
    Student involvement in NICER
  • NASA Selects NICER For Concept Study (29 Sep 2011)
    NASA has selected 11 science proposals, including the Neutron star Interior Composition ExploreR (NICER), for evaluation as potential future science missions. The proposals outline prospective missions to study the interior of neutron stars, Earth's atmosphere, the sun, the Milky Way galaxy, and Earth-like planets around nearby stars.

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