NICER Data Analysis

NICER Data Analysis

This page contains links to documents and information on the NICER software (NICERDAS) necessary to calibrate and analyse the NICER data.

Current NICERDAS software version 10 is distributed with HEAsoft version 6.31 (15 Nov 2022) . The current version of calibration files, CALDB xti20221001 , has been released on Oct 31 2022 together with NICER Calibration documentation.

Documents Release Date Description
Analysis Threads Varies Step-by-step analysis threads for various self-contained tasks
Software User Guide Oct 2019 General analysis guide
NICER Analysis Tips Aug 2021 Tips and caveats

Other analysis related links:

Do you have questions?

Any questions regarding analysis and calibration can be submitted to our NICER helpdesk. You can access our helpdesk by using HEASARC's Feedback Form, or clicking the "HELP" icon below.

Please be sure to select "NICER" as the mailing list so that your question can be routed to the correct helpdesk most quickly.