NICER Grant Reporting

NICER Guest Observer Program Summary of Research

NASA and the federal government have specific requirements for the reporting of results obtained by the recipients of grant funds. The document Grant and Cooperative Agreement Handbook details much of this information.

NICER GOs receiving NASA grants are required to file a Summary of Research Report detailing their supported activities within 90 days of the conclusion of the grant period. The report should list the objectives of the research and the achieved goals, including the dissemination of the results (i.e., papers published on the subject). The report should be submitted by the budget Principal Investigator, and should include the activities of any subgrant recipients. If the proposed research was not feasible, explain why not. Be sure to include the proposal number for the original science proposal. This is the five-digit number assigned when the proposal was submitted to RPS. (For NICER GO Cycle 2, this number should start with "03".)

The Report should be mailed to the following: Technical Officer (TO), Center for Aerospace Information (CASI), Administrative Grant Officer (AGO), and NASA Grant Officer (GO). The addresses for the AGO and GO can be found in the grant award notification information. For the TO and CASI, use the following addresses. The Grant Number can also be found in the grant package.

Technical Officer

Center for Aerospace Information

Dr. Keith Gendreau
NICER Technical Officer
Code 662
NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center
Greenbelt, MD 20771
Center for Aerospace Information
ATTN: Document Processing Section
7121 Standard Dr.
Hanover, MD 21076

Note that if any inventions (including software) are derived from the supported grant activity there are special reporting requirements as well. See Exhibit G of Secion A in the Handbook for further information.