Sector 1

TIC ID's that had issues in Sector 1.

Targets not processed in 2-min pipeline:

44577667, 238196512, 394046358, and 38877693

Targets placed on the wrong CCD in Camera 4:

149251611, 220478335, 149542119, 300160320, and 176954932

No optimal apertures or light curves were produced

Blended stars:

253923637 and 300015238have very bright stars nearby (253923638 and 300015239, respectively).

A star is considered to be bended when its flux has been significantly contaminated by a nearby bright star(s). Since the contaminating flux is considered very large, the resulting photometry for such targets is expected to be unreliable.

Not capturing bleed trails:


Targets with pixel stamps that did not fully capture the bleed trails.

Off center targets

281592043, 419793478, 469844770, and 469849622

These targets are near the corners of Camera 2, are off-center in their pixel stamps. This was due to an error in the focal plane geometry model that was corrected for future sectors. As a consequence, the optimal aper- tures are clipped by the edge of the stamps. Other targets in the corners of Camera 2 may also be slightly off-center; however, all other pixel stamps fully contain the optimal aperture