Sector 32

TIC ID's that had issues in Sector 32.

Targets not processed in 2-min pipeline:

255559489, 231308237, 38877693, 46312112, 238196512, and 146517192

Blended stars:

11286209, 737705489, 766018849

A star is considered to be bended when its flux has been significantly contaminated by a nearby bright star(s). Since the contaminating flux is considered very large, the resulting photometry for such targets is expected to be unreliable.

Contaminated stars:

708565082 and 672009090, 93279196, 427394748, 514810889, 708357666, 737705489

These targets are closely blended with brighter neighbors. In these cases, the assigned apertures are disjoint and the resulting photometry is unreliable.