Sector 36

TIC ID's that had issues in Sector 36.

Targets not processed in 2-min pipeline:

238196512, 272884654, 31975064, 342884451, 38877693, and 438741592

Blended stars:

429149602, 429149604, 429149606, 500178562, 303297349, 864636104, 362937274, 846550604, 846550616, 300015238, 300015239, 167602316, and 766018849

A star is considered to be bended when its flux has been significantly contaminated by a nearby bright star(s). Since the contaminating flux is considered very large, the resulting photometry for such targets is expected to be unreliable.

Bleed trail not captured


The pixel stamp did not fully capture the bleed trails.

Disjointed aperture


Caused by the pipeline’s attempt to avoid the bleed trails of eps Car. The photometry of this source is likely unreliable because the photometric aperture is disjoint.