Sector 38

TIC ID's that had issues in Sector 38.

Targets not processed in 20-second pipeline:


Targets not processed in 2-min pipeline:

272314138, 255559489, 399646462, 471011144, 471011145, 38877693, 128116539, 440960978, 179323446, 262834160, 314113726, 328329822, 290794924.

Blended stars:

404768847, 300015238, 261862960, 177635952, 261862960, 300015238

A star is considered to be bended when its flux has been significantly contaminated by a nearby bright star(s). Since the contaminating flux is considered very large, the resulting photometry for such targets is expected to be unreliable.

Bleed trail not captured

255560740, 272482277, 450568600

These stars lie very close to the bleed trails of saturated stars. In these cases, no optimal aperture was assigned. Target pixel files with original and calibrated pixel data are provided, but no light curves were produced.

336343562 and 440953551 is close enough to the bleed trail from a brighter star that the photometry is likely unreliable

TIC v8.2 targets for which there were issues

A list of all ARTIFACTS and DUPLICATES can be found here.