Sector 68

TIC ID's that had issues in Sector 68.

Targets not processed in 2-min pipeline and so missing a light curve:

38877693, 44577667, 238196512, 255559489

For targets that were not processed with the photometric pipeline, the target pixel files with original and calibrated pixel data are provided, but no light curves are produced. Note that the target pixel files do not include a background correction for stars without light curves. The most common reason for a target to not be processed with the photometric pipeline is that the target exceeds a brightness threshold (Tmag ≲ 1.8) that results in large pixel stamps. A target located too close to a very bright star, having a comparably bright companion, impacted by saturated star bleed trails, or having an error in identifying a clean background region are less common causes for a target to not be processed with the photometric pipeline. Visual examination of the target along with custom aperture selection may be needed for photometric analysis of the impacted targets.

Targets with aperture warnings in 2-min data:

38396965, 149346418, 198079199, 220424200, 238196512, 253923637, 261136679, 267211065, 300015238, 300015239, 506939512, 612256219, 615614567, 10005000540

Targets with aperture warnings in 20-sec data:

198079199, 253923637, 261136679, 267211065, 615614567

Warnings during aperture assignment occur when the aperture is discontinuous or clipped, and the resulting photometry is expected to be unreliable.