Release Notes Version 4.1
Part of HEAsoft 5.2 - June 18, 2002

* Changes in version 4.1
  • XMM support (detect psf)
  • Output detector coordinates compatible with ds9 (LTV/LTM keywords)
  • Support for internally compressed images

New commands
  • ccorr - Correct image coordinates given guide source locations
  • srcmrg - Merge the results of detect, removing duplicates
  • rdarray - Read text file into Tcl array
  • prarray - Print Tcl array to screen or write to file
  • select - Use the cursor to make a selection

New options
  • draw
    • arrow - Plot arrow with filled arrowhead
    • oarrow - Plot arrow with outline arrowhead
  • skymap
    • incolumns - Specify columns to use from input file

Previous releases
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